In the framework of the Regional Strategy Paper for Assistance to Asia 2007-2013, the INNOVATE One Health Programme in Asia intends to further strengthen the collaboration of the animal and human health sectors and by tackling health risks and challenges at the interface between animals, humans and their various environments. While collaboration between the animal and human health sectors have taken place in many countries and are recognised to be important for a fast and effective response to outbreaks of infectious diseases, such collaboration has mainly taken place in response to crises or emergency situation and in many cases on an ad hoc basis. A framework and mechanisms to enable this collaboration also in 'non-crisis' times and to extend it to other health-related sectors, including in first instance the environment, is yet missing in most countries in Asia. A networking meeting was planned to take place early April 2014 in Phnom Penh/Cambodia to bring together representatives from all the projects. The event has offered a platform for the INNOVATE beneficiaries to share their experiences on the ongoing project implementation and together with other stakeholders of the Programme to exchange their views and knowledge on One Health issue in Asia

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