About us

Application Européenne de Technologies et de Services (AETS) is an international and multidisciplinary consulting firm, specialising in the implementation of public policies and development cooperation. We offer sustainable solutions aimed at improving living conditions in Europe as well as in emerging and developing countries. Created in 1996, AETS provides consulting services to institutional clients (European Commission, Agence Française de Développement, World Bank, among others) and their beneficiaries, as well as private clients.

Headquartered in Lons, France, AETS relies on its eight offices, spread across three continents, to ensure that projects receive dedicated local attention. Our offices in France, Belgium, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Côte d'Ivoire, and Ireland allow us to provide tailor-made solutions to our clients.


AETS was created in 1996 by a small group of experts, which know-how and experience, allowed the company’s activities to develop rather quickly in France and abroad, particularly, in Eastern European countries, who, at the time, were applying for European Union membership (obtained in 2004).

AETS provided support to the said countries by helping them converge with the requirements of the acquis communautaire, in order for them to ultimately adopt the body of laws shared by the European Union Member States. The support provided by AETS addressed the technical, financial, economic and legal requirements of convergence, specifically in the areas of the environment, safety and quality, risk management, advanced technologies and innovation.

Quality and safety, largely in the agri-foodstuff industries, were the first of the company's intervention areas, swiftly followed by energy, environment (water and climate in particular), health and food safety, industrial safety and management.

In addition to technical and economic approaches, sustainable development also requires the establishment of strong institutions and the pillars of a democratic society, bringing together government, civil society and the private sector. As such, governance and human development were subsequently incorporated into the company's service offer, complementing its historic practice areas.

Today, AETS is one of the leading European consulting organisations in its fields of expertise, employing over 70 people in its headquarters and overseas offices. In addition, the company employs the full-time equivalent of 120 experts worldwide to implement its projects, some of which are directly managed by its affiliates and representative offices located in over 40 different countries.

Our values

AETS’ undertakings are rooted in values that are fundamental to the people and projects it supports; a set of values applied on a daily basis and shared by all of our colleagues and partners worldwide. These values involve remaining attentive to our clients' needs and striving to show flexibility and responsiveness, initiative, ambition, boldness and creativity. They are embodied by our capacity to create an innovative service and suitable solutions, as well as a code of ethics focused on the people, trust, integrity and commitment that are intrinsic to our relationships with our clients and partners.

In addition, our professional approach is structured by values that underpin the company's activities. Our international dimension gives us a gateway to the world which, combined with the diversity of our know-how and professionalism, enables us to ensure the quality and relevance of results. AETS has a strict framework centred on a continuous improvement approach and develops counselling and training services that fully comply with current technical and economic requirements.

Quality and Environmental Management System

Since 2010, AETS has been operating a Quality Management System (QMS) that is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard comprising “Consultancy, studies, technical assistance and training design”.

In July 2019, AETS' ISO 9001 certification was renewed and they were successful in obtaining the ISO 14001 standard. This renewal and approval demonstrate the solidity of AETS’ Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS) and its compliance with the standard’s requirements relating to the quality and environmental considerations of its processes.

Our Quality and Environmental Management System is centred around five areas:

  • Maximising our skills and performance to ensure client satisfaction
  • Having a management tool
  • Managing our organisation
  • Being proficient in our fields
  • Being proficient in our support services

This QEMS goes hand in hand with our respect for the values of social and environmental responsibility, competence, integrity and independence.