Food safety

•   European legislation and international standards regarding food safety

•   Official controls: inspection, sampling, measures, surveillance plans

•   Traceability systems, RASFF and crisis management

•   Risk assessment, management and communication

Nutrition and safe food production

•   Nutrition and malnutrition

•   Sustainable and organic agriculture

•   Certification systems

•   Food security: agriculture and livestock development, reduction of post-harvest losses

Animal health and welfare

•   European legislation and international standards

•   Official controls from farm to slaughter

•   Good husbandry, aquaculture and fishing practices

•   Management of infectious diseases and prevention campaigns

•   Compartmentalisation

Plant health

•   European legislation and international phytosanitary measures

•   Official controls and preventative export measures

•   Plant protection


•   Public health

•   Occupational health

•   Pharmacy: marketing authorisation, anti-counterfeiting

Product safety and compliance of services

•   European directives: REACH, EMC, LV, toys, textiles, cosmetics, pressure equipment, medical devices

•   Sampling and testing methods

Occupational safety

•   Safety of persons: OHS, PPE, lifting machines

•   Safety of industrial processes, services, mining, transport and construction

•   Classified sites, explosive atmospheres, handling of hazardous substances

Health and Safety

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