The specific objective consists in implementing training programmes targeted towards existing and new employees or students to meet international standards and to meet the needs of the Printing, Plastics, and Packaging Industry in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. This action aims to create a more competitive sector in the long term by having technically competent personnel that leads to greater efficiencies resulting in increased exports. These activities will be led in collaboration with the University of Trinidad and Tobago considering its mandate as entrepreneurial university designed to discover and develop entrepreneurs and training programmes. The activities to carry out are as follows: • Activity 1 – Needs assessment on training of the Printing, Plastics and Packaging sector and drafting of training courses outline and training material • Activity 2 – Selection of trainers and training of trainers in: 1. Operation and Maintenance for Printing, Plastics and Packaging Machinery for International standards; 2.Printing Plastics and Packaging (including new and innovation packaging). • Activity 3 – Selection of participants, logistics organisation and training of personnel of Printing and Packaging companies • Activity 4 – Selection and technical assistance of industrial companies to participate to the piloting phase.

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