The overarching framework for EU public diplomacy in Asia is provided for in the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) strategy with Asia and other relevant key EU strategies (e.g. “The EU 2020 Vision”). The EU is one of Lao PDR's biggest development partners and is the largest exporting destination for the Lao garment industry and food products outside Asia. In this respect, the EU supports the development of quality-food products through the implementation geographical indications for specific food products. Despite its considerable importance for the Lao economy and politics, the awareness of the general public in Laos on the EU and EU policies on energy, environment, quality food schemes remain limited. To strengthen the partnership and influence on trade and investment, AETS provide support to EU Delegation on strategic activities with a detailed work plan. Various events were organized to raise awareness on the work of EU in collaboration with Lao PDR. Topics focus are highlights of COP 21, hydro-power and sustainable energy. AETS also works on communication strategic, media identifying and producing materials on nutrition, education, wildlife trafficking or Human rights for public.

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