In 2010, Mauritania adopted a National Strategy for the Promotion of Civil Society, including a summary action plan. The European Union Program for Civil Society and Culture (PESCC) is funded by the 10th European Development Fund. The general objectives of the Program are: (i) the fight against poverty; (ii) the promotion of good governance; (iii) the development of the cultural sector. The services sought are two evaluation missions of the program "European Union Program for Civil Society and Culture of the 10th EDF (PESCC)". • The first mission consists of a mid-term evaluation of the CCHP • The second mission consists of a final impact assessment of the CSPSS. The CSPP evaluations will have to provide the decision-making bodies of the Mauritanian Government and the Delegation of the European Union (DUE ) sufficient information to: - overall and independently assess the results of the program - draw the main lessons from the intervention - formulate practical recommendations for the present and future cooperation of the EUD in Mauritania.

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