The EU-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership has grown from its original economic focus to include a vast array of bilateral and multilateral areas of cooperation. A strong need has been identified to further explain EU policies and actions to Chinese counterparts and the wider public, in order to portrait the EU as a relevant strategic partner in areas covered under the EU-China Strategic Agenda for Cooperation 2020. The specific objective of this contract is the organisation of 10 public lectures with senior experts in China, in order to a) encourage reflection and discussion among key target audiences on the EU's policies, its fundamental values, its external relations' agenda, and its priorities on bilateral relations; b) project more effectively to a wider public the positive image enjoyed by the EU in a broad range of sectors in China. The topics will include: 1. Climate change and global challenges; 2. Civil society and societal changes in Europe and China; 3. Economic, financial and trade policies in Europe and China; 4. European research and innovation policy and its impact on China; 5. Foreign and Security policy of China and the EU

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