To contribute with specific expertise to the drafting of both Identification and Action Fiches of the Central Asia Drug Action Programme, necessary for the programming and designing the 6th consecutive phase of the programme. Together with the EU task manager the consultant should produce written materials for the formulation of CADAP 6 Identification and Action Fiches, applying the following guiding frame: 1. Policy and programme context (Partner and EC) 2. Stakeholder analysis 3. Problem analysis, including scope of crosscutting issues 4. Lessons learned and review of other ongoing or planned initiatives by other donors 5. Preliminary project description – indicative objective hierarchy 6. Indicative resource and cost implications 7. Indicative coordination, management (including financial management/control) and financing arrangements 8. Preliminary assessment of economic/ financial, environmental, technical and social sustainability 9. Follow-up work plan for the Formulation stage In addition to the materials specified in the format above, the consultants should assist the EU task manager with the preparation of Logical Framework and other forms for the Identification and Action Fiches for the next CADAP phase – No. 6. (internal documents to be shared with consultants at the beginning of assignment).

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