The Subject Mission enabled the Team to effect a Diagnostic of EIB FIB/MFI TA needs relating the setting in place of a 3 year TA project aiming to support the EIB's full and creditworthy consuming of the EIB PEFF/MFL credit lines targeting M/SMEs in 4 EAC Countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda) which presently total some EUR 450 mln. Based on an analysis of data and interviews, TA needs were identified in three areas or Components: Training and Consulting (in the FIBs/MFIs), and Outreach initiatives to reach the M/SME and MF community. Clear needs exist in: •Component 1: Training the FIB/MFIs in FL Allocation Requests, and basic credit skills, •Component 2: Internal organisational strengthening via training and consulting), together estimated at some 30-40 actions. •Component 3: Outreach initiatives to M/SME and Microfinance final borrowers vi outreach events.

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