The General objective of BTSF is to ensure a high level of consumer protection throughout the EU internal market and to increase levels of trade in safe food across the globe by the implementation of efficient, objective and adequate official controls. This objective is achieved by training the staff of the competent authorities, offering a better network and ongoing dialogue with partners from both within, and outside, the European Union, thus contributing to a high level of expertise and competence. The Specific objective of the present project is to spread knowledge and best practices in relation with EU rules on general food labelling and claims as well as on specific categories of foods such as food supplements, foods with added vitamins and minerals and foods for specific groups of the population. The contract requests the provision of 2 training courses addressing: a) the implementation of microbiological criteria; b) the control of zoonoses, with a particular focus on the control of Salmonella in poultry and pigs and Campylobacter along the poultry meat production chain.

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