Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Cross-border Livestock Health and Value Chains Improvement Project (CLHVC project) is supporting Cambodia (CAM), Lao PDR (LAO) and Myanmar (MYA) by ADB in three areas of development; Establish disease control zones (DCZs) comprising feedlots, quarantine facilities, laboratories, and health inspection and vaccination facilities in priority border areas, Strengthen capacity of government staff and other stakeholders in areas for improved production and health of livestock and livestock products, and Provide gender-responsive policy support for (i) effectively integrating smallholders in livestock value chains and promoting women’s roles in livestock production and value addition AETS as part of the consortium leading by FCG in association with SYNERGIA, CES and Tancons is supporting the governments on project investment preparation involves conducting detailed due diligence and preparing project documents, including the draft report and recommendation of the President and key linked and supplementary documents for approval of funding and co-financing. AETS will mobilize 21 locals and international expert on food safety, livestock value chain, ISO22000, climate change, gender and environmental safeguards.

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