The financing agreement signed between the EC and the ACP secretariat on the 13/0/2010 earmarks EUR 10Million for the financing of the BizClim programme, a facility aiming at enhancing economic growth and reducing poverty in ACP countries through the setting up of an enabling environment. The programme’s overall objective is contributing to enhancing economic growth in ACP countries by means of fostering an enabling environment for private sector development in ACP countries and regions with the ultimate objective of poverty reduction. AETS is performing the final evaluation of the programme, by doing: - Overall independent assessment about the performance of the programme; - Overall assessment of the relevance of the supported activities; - Overall assessment of the quality of the proposals as well as the monitoring systems applied; - Identification & discussion of the problems encountered and the solutions adopted, formulation of concrete proposals on how the ACP/EU could improve its efforts for a more conducive business enabling environment in the next financing phase (11th EDF).

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