Since December 2018, AETS has been carrying out a large organisational development programme in several Tunisian Ministries, with the aim of ensuring better management policies.  This programme falls under EuropeAid’s Framework Contract, “Services for the Implementation of External Aid – 2018: Lot 03 Human Rights, Democracy and Peace”. The 12-month programme is being undertaken by AETS’ Governance and Human Development department which works out of the company’s Brussels offices.

The AETS team has since been coaching the Organising Bureau of the Presidency (BOSP, French acronym) for the purposes of rendering the institution autonomous and able to effectively conduct the following functional reviews.

The first phase of the project has been dedicated to building the capacity of the various structures who are ultimately in charge of the functional reviews. Our experts have developed training materials and a functional review guide, as well as a standard document for the revision of the organisational chart and a manual of procedures. They have further set up a functional review team composed of Tunisian civil servants.  Currently, our team is responsible for the functional review of the Presidency and the Ministry of Cooperation and International Development, together with the Tunisian functional review team.

The project’s challenge results in the gradual transition of our experts’ position, from assistance to support. For this, it has been necessary to build trust and foster close communication between the two teams, BOSP and EU experts, in order to work as a single unified team, in which the roles are gradually interchanged.