AETS, in partnership with EDF, have began a technical assistance project for supporting sustainable and universal electricity access in Indonesia. The project is funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and aims to support project preparation and implementation for numerous energy sector lending programmes in Indonesia.

Despite Indonesia’s development in the energy sector, the country displays a very uneven development in geographical terms. Eastern Indonesia, specifically, seems to be lagging significantly behind other regions such as Java and Bali. The substantial lack of energy to the eastern part of Indonesia imply that the region struggles to achieve meaningful economic growth through agriculture, fisheries, small and medium-sized enterprises, and tourism, all of which require continuous access to energy. Thus, Eastern Indonesia’s power grids are rather underdeveloped and of an overall poor quality.

The project, which is expected to last 5 months, will undertake due diligence of the proposed programmes, namely: Power Transmission Sector Project (with an estimated value of $ 650 million) and Geothermal Power Development Project (with an estimated value of $ 355 million), in order to determine possible future ADB funding. The key tasks involved in the technical assistance project will include support in the areas of technical, environmental, and social safeguard due diligence; climate impacts and risk assessment; procurement and bidding; economic and financial assessment; risk assessment; and reporting, communication and other support.

This project, which began on the 1st of March and has a total budget of € 750 000, will demand a total of 54 person-months of consulting services, being 30 person-months of international consultants and 24 person-months of national consultants.