Project: Gender Diagnosis, Gender Policy, and Preparation of Gender Action Plans for Power Utilities in Ghana

Client: French Development Agency

Duration: November 2022/February 2024

AETS has supported two power utilities in Ghana (VRA and NEDCO) in reviewing their HR policies in terms of professional equality; strengthening and increasing the utilities’ gender awareness through the promotion of equal participation and decision-making at the community and professional level, identifying gender equality benefits for both companies. AETS has conducted a baseline assessment and produced a report with the diagnosis and recommendations. Those recommendations were later translated into two concrete gender equality action plans, one for VRA and another for NEDCO.

As part of our task, AETS has also produced communication material where the activities and goals related to gender equality in these utilities are exposed and explained.


Picture: Power Utilities Gender Action Plans Design Workshop, Ghana 2023.

 Gender Action plan Workshop Ghana 2023


You can access the brochures here:

Brochure NEDCO EN
Brochure NEDCO FR
Brochure VRA EN
Brochure VRA FR