Project: Georgia: Equal Opportunities in the Railway Sector and Skills Development

Client: European Bank of Reconstruction and Development

Duration: November 2022/December 2024

AETS is supporting the Georgian Railways Company in enhancing equal opportunities in their human resources and in attracting young talent, especially to technical positions. Since the beginning of the project (November 2022), AETS, led by Ana Vilar as team leader, has conducted a baseline assessment (both on equal opportunities and skills gaps) and produced two reports with the diagnosis and recommendations. Those recommendations were later translated into concrete action plans.

In the context of the implementation of the equal opportunities action plan, we conducted three in the headquarters of Georgian Railways by the in-house gender equality expert, Agostina Allori:

The ABC of Gender Equality: which sought to introduce key concepts such as sex, gender, fairness of treatment, equal treatment, gender equality, professional equality, gender stereotypes, vertical and horizontal segregation, the business case for gender equality;

Unconscious Bias in the Human Resources Processes: it aimed to introduce the concept of unconscious bias and to document its role in decision-making in paramount stages of the human resources process (recruitment, selection, career progression);

Gender-based violence, harassment, and the use of the grievance mechanism: it sought to equip the company with the key factors that ensure the success of a grievance mechanism, while also identifying what situations and actions could be a source of complaint.


Picture 1: Georgian Railways headquarters in Tbilisi 

 Georgian Railways headquarters in Tbilisi Training on Unconscious Bias in the Human Resources Processes

Picture 2: Equal Opportunities Expert delivering training on Unconscious Bias in the Human Resources Processes