Tanzania, a country in Southern Africa, has been experiencing steady growth in the recent past, and in fact, Business Monitor Intelligence (BMI) foresees that the country will experience a significant and vigorous economic growth in the near future, mainly thanks to infrastructure development.

Despite this current and expected growth rate, Tanzania is still ranked as one of the poorest nations in the world, mostly due to the underdevelopment of the transport infrastructure and the services sector. In order to advance, and with the aim of achieving middle income status for the country by 2025, the government of Tanzania has developed numerous plans whose purpose is to improve the physical infrastructural networks and human capital. The development plans are currently supported by local policies and strategies and the country’s road development is mainly funded from local funds, as well as development partners which include, notably, the European Union (EU).

In light of the above, AETS has just been awarded a request for services by the EU for the provision of advice to the Government of Tanzania in the management of works and service contracts financed under EU-funded road programmes. The contract falls under the wider-scoped EU framework contract “Services for the Implementation of External Aid 2018” (SIEA) of which AETS is part of its Lot 1, 3 and 4 and is leader of its Lot 2. The specific objectives of the contract revolve around three main points:

  • Look into the justification and amounts of claims made by contractors involved in EU-funded road programmes.
  • Make relevant recommendations with regards to the application of liquidated damages and other contractual issues.
  • Assist the government of Tanzania in the case of possible arbitration or litigation related to disputes.