The Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Platform, a support service provided by AETS in the scope of its ongoing contract, ‘Assistance mechanism for the implementation of maritime spatial planning’, recently produced a new guide on MSP communication.  The guidance document, which was produced with the support of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) MSPGlobal2030 initiative, is dedicated to the communication of Maritime Spatial Planning and takes the form of an interactive guide. The aim of the guide is to help MSP practitioners better communicate and engage with MSP stakeholders and the wider public at each step of the MSP process, from design to delivery. Highlighting examples and tools which can boost the effectiveness and success of MSP consultation processes, event planning and digital communication, this handbook is packed with examples, ideas and success stories.
The EU-funded MSP project has been implemented by AETS since the end of 2019 and aims to support Member States in the six sea basins implicated in the project (Atlantic, West Mediterranean, East Mediterranean, Black Sea, Baltic Sea and North Sea) to advance the implementation of the MSP directive. The MSP directive requires all sea basins to establish a national plan on the subject by 2021, and the AETS-implemented MSP platform is providing technical and logistical support to train and guide Member States in this direction.
The interactive guide is available here: