AETS has recently joined forces with the Good Planet Foundation, an organisation focusing on environmental protection through support to environmental and solidarity projects, awareness raising and education of sustainable development and assisting companies and institutions in their environmentally responsible endeavours. Established as an association in 2005, the Good Planet Foundation was declared a Foundation of public interest in 2009, with a focus on raising stakeholder’s awareness in the areas of social and environmental challenges. Through the different field projects it helps implement, Good Planet Foundation works toward making everyone an agent of change and improving the environment and the quality of life of numerous people worldwide.

Following its move towards a more environmentally friendly approach, both in terms of its company and employees, but also in terms of its external experts and projects, AETS was certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard in June 2019. This certification served not only as evidence of the strides the company is making towards protecting the environment, but has also served as a great catalyst for the company’s future environmentally-focused initiatives, providing management and employees with additional motivation.

Since June 2019, AETS has undertaken a number of actions to reduce its carbon footprint, such as introducing a recycling system, providing staff with a location to dispose of organic material (compost), moving towards a green energy supplier, among others. Despite pledging to reduce any non-essential travel, given the nature of our industry not all travel was able to be eliminated, thus CO2 compensation was opted for. This is where AETS’ allegiance with the Good Planet Foundation is born. In the scope of this affiliation, AETS has decided to donate €5,000 in compensation for its CO2 emissions, particularly by helping fund the project, “agroecological transition and vegetation cover (France)”. This agroforestry project aims to support farmers to implement agroforestry projects and raise the awareness and train farmers in the subject of agroforestry (sustainability of projects). In a more general sense, the project aims to contribute to the fight against climate change through the carbon sequestration, provide mechanical protection against wind and water runoff and develop the biodiversity and stimulate the ground’s microfauna (among others).  

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