This project, funded by the Directorate General Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission, consists in the organisation of 4 regional training workshops on the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) as well as of 4 regional training workshops on TRACES. The programme is intended for government officials and staff of competent authorities of relevant Third Countries as well as representatives of industry sectors and stakeholders. The EU RASFF allows the collection and dissemination of any relevant information in relation with a serious risk derived from food or feed to any potentially concerned competent authority. The EU RASFF is operated as a network involving the European Commission, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), Member States food safety agencies and food safety agencies from other associated European countries. TRACES is a distinct system aiming at improving the traceability of products of animal origin. In the framework of the present project, the opportunity was given to selected Third Countries to become members of the system and benefit from the advantageous features such as the on-line capacity to obtain import certificates, the automated translation of the certificates, and the follow-up of foodstuff lots (status and analytical results) at the entry point in the EU market In 2011, the training workshops take place in Peru (RASFF and TRACES), Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Thailand and Greece. The main objectives are to provide a detailed overview and explanations of the EU RASFF and/or TRACES, to support the development of similar systems inside a country as well as at a regional level (ex: ASEAN, MERCOSUR…), and to train participants to their operation The training workshop alternate lectures and practical training based on exercises and case studies. In addition to the workshops, the project includes the organisation of Sustained Training Missions to support a given country to overcome difficulties in the application of the knowledge acquired during the workshops. In 2011 the beneficiary countries are in Africa: Senegal, Tanzania and Namibia, in Asia: Lao PDR. A total of 10 STM are to be implemented over 2011 and 2012.

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