The EU legislation regulating food additives, has been evolving a lot in the past years and due to new laboratory techniques and objectives fixed by the European Union (technological need for their use, do not mislead the consumer, present no health hazard to the consumer)  the authorisation and use of new substances will continue to evolve in the next ones. In this context, the objectives of this project (under BTSF Programme) is to train a high number of competent authorities’ staff in order to inform regulatory and control authorities about the new approach enacted for the evaluation and registration of food additives and control of their proper use and marketing. Therefore ensuring a common understanding of the new regulation on food additives and introduce and explain the major changes such as the new categorisation system, the re-evaluation of food additives, the monitoring of the consumption and use of food additives, the labeling controls, etc.   A total of  12 training session (3 days sessions) is plan with 45 participants each for a total of 540 trainees over the two years of operation.

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