The "Human Development Support Programme" (HDSP) for Tajikistan has been developed in 2010 and its objective is to contribute to the improvement of health and social protection status of the population, especially the poor and most vulnerable groups. The programme's purpose is fourfold: (1) in health: improved access to and utilisation of quality health services and products for the population (2) in social protection/pensions: a more effective pension policy framework and pension administration (3) improved efficiency of the public spending in the here-above mentioned sectors through a better financial management, accountability and transparency and further advancing with the public administration/civil service administration reform and (4) a structured Private-Public Partnership with the active participation of civil society organisations (CSOs) in delivering social care services or in public monitoring. In September 2011, the European Union started the identification process for a new programme extending support to health and Social Protection (SP) reforms targeted within HDSP I. The general objective of the current assignment is to support the EU in the formulation phase and therefore to contribute to poverty reduction and long term sustainable economic growth perspectives through improvements in effectiveness and efficiency of social sector's performance in Tajikistan. There are three specific objectives of the assignment: - First specific objective is to contribute to the preparation of an effective and efficient EU Human Development Support programme (HDSP II), with a focus on the health component. - Second specific objective is to provide support to the monitoring and implementation of the EU budget support under the currently ongoing Human Development Support Programme. - Third Specific objective is to support the EUD to prepare ToRs for the two planned PFM service contracts. For the “Support to the formulation of the HDSP II in Tajikistan, with a focus on health part” AETS consultants will prepare a complete Action Fiche, Logical Framework Approach and Risk Assessment Framework of the EU HDSPII. For the “Support to the monitoring and implementation of the EU budget support under Human Development Support Programme (HDSP I)” the consultants will contribute to an effective implementation of the EU Human Development Support Programme by the Government. They will also contribute to an effective coordination with other development agencies in the areas of Social Protection, Health and Public Finance Management and through this coordination mechanism, an increased visibility of the EU interventions. As for the third objective, AETS consultants will support the EU with the “Preparation of ToRs for two PFM service contracts planned by the EU.

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