AETS implements a capacity building project of 66 man-days in the sector of pesticide residues testing and phytosanitary controls for the benefit of the Ministry of Agriculture of Lebanon, funded by the European Commission. Lebanon needs to find new commercial destinations for its agricultural commodities. There is a potential market in the EU and Mediterranean area but Lebanese products need to achieve certification of their conformity to pesticide residues limit before being exportable in these countries. In order to achieve this, the laboratories have to be accredited. AETS provide short-term experts for delivering training courses, transfer of know-how ( including a study visit to EU) and building of analytical capacities to selected staff at MoA’s Kfarchima Phytopharmacy Laboratory in view of achieving a quality of analyses in line with ISO 17025. The study tour was arranged for high level managers of Kfarchima Phytopharmacy Laboratory to BENAKI Phytopathology Institute in Athens.

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