The European Union (EU) is committed to promoting inclusive growth that nurtures people’s ability to participate in and benefit from wealth and job creation, as well as promoting decent work that comprises job creation, rights at work, social protection and dialogue. Under the ‘human development’ component of the European Commission’s (EC) thematic programme on Global Public Goods and Challenges (GPGC), decent work and social justice are identified as contributing to poverty eradication, social cohesion and sustainable development. The EC has identified a strong commitment from partner countries to move employment to the forefront of their national development agendas and is seeking strategic support on how to promote employment in EU development cooperation. The overall objective was to: • Support partner countries in building-up employment-rich economies, able to lift people from poverty to higher levels of social inclusion and equity with a particular focus on the most vulnerable groups and; • Improve employment conditions and rights, in line with the Decent Work Agenda. The specific objective of the assignment was to: • Support the EC in the identification and formulation of a project support facility to promote the role of employment for development to be funded under the GPGC thematic programme. The future support facility project will be a source of capacity building for the EU’s partner countries (to better address employment challenges); knowledge building and exchanges of experience (in the field of employment and development cooperation); and analytical recommendations for a) partner countries and b) the EU on how to inform EC strategy and best promote employment through EU development cooperation. This initiative will be coherent and complementary with other initiatives launched by the EU and other donors.

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