Under the ‘Human development, including decent work, social justice and culture’ component of the Global Public Goods and Challenges thematic programme, the European Union seeks to strengthen social inclusion through cooperation on equitable access to basic services, employment for all, empowerment and respect for the rights of specifically defined groups that are notably affected by exclusion, often leading in turn to structural vulnerability and chronic poverty: migrants, children and youth, persons with disabilities, women, indigenous peoples and persons belonging to minorities. The aim of EU actions is to ensure that these groups can and will participate in and benefit from wealth creation and social justice and social protection and benefit from respect for and the protection of cultural diversity. As such, the specific objective of this AETS assignment will be to support the European Commission to formulate a project to support low and middle income countries to set up and implement national policies and programmes seeking increased opportunities for indigenous peoples to access a decent life, and to ensure the participation of indigenous peoples representative organizations in policy making and development processes, voicing the needs and opinions of their community towards national and foreign development structures.

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