In the context of the EU animal welfare strategy 2012-20151 , the Commission foresaw to perform a list of actions, one of them being "EU guidelines or implementing rules on the protection of animals at the time of killing". ICFI consortium with AETS as a partner has been selected by the DG Sante Animal Welfare Sector to implement a 12 months programme from september 2016 to september 2017. The objective of this study was to provide, assess and evaluate the necessary information to elaborate elements for best practices on the protection of animals at the time of killing both at slaughterhouses and on-farm killing. The contract consisted in the following steps: • collecting information on current practices regarding the subject matters, • analysing and comparing the sources of information and identifying possible gaps, • drafting elements for best practices, • consulting stakeholders, • finalising elements for best practices. The final document has been designed to be read by business operators and in particular animal welfare officers in slaughterhouses, when applicable. The team of 11 experts (which 3 identified by AETS) from different member states was in charge of performig the following tasks : • Task 1: Update of methodology and work plan : establishment of a general work plan including list of experts, calendar • Task 2: Collecting data and observations : collect data based on desk research, meeting with experts and preliminary visits in some Member States) • Task 3: Drafting elements for best practices : draft a set of possible best practices covering all subject matters and • species concerned. Task 4 :Consulting stakeholders on the elements for best practices : present,discuss and finalise the elements of best practices with the relevant stakeholders

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