The project was organised in four work packages: Border Inspection Posts, Food of Non Animal Origin, TRACES, Movements of dogs and cats. AETS was in charge of the WP on the Controls of import, trade-in and non-commercial movements of dogs and cats. The commercial and non-commercial movements of dogs and cats may have an impact on animal and public health (e.g. rabies and echinococcosis). The import controls are carried-out by official vets at BIPs, while the checks on non-commercial movements fall under the custom authority. The exchange of information and good practices between the two authorities is not always very good. The objective of the project is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the EU legislation on the Movements of dogs and cats (import, trade-in and non-commercial movements) among Competent Authorities' staff. The activities include the sharing of good practices in prevention and fighting of illegal movements and in collaboration between customs’ and vets’ officials. 20 training sessions were organised in different EU MS. A total of 605 officials from EU Member States, Candidate Countries and selected non-EU countries were trained, with an average of 30 participants per session.

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