The project is aimed at providing assistance for the organisation and implementation of training activities under the programme “Better Training for Safer Food" to be mainly held in EU countries. The initiative foreseen the implementation of two different courses focused on the following fields: Course 1: evaluation and registration of plant protection products; Course 2: control of use and marketing of plant protection products. A total of 10 training courses will be implemented under the project: 6 training courses will be organised under the course 1 and 4 training courses under the course 2. On each training course the participation of 40 trainees is foreseen for a total of 400 participants. The Project will be implemented 2 different locations: the course 1 will be organised in Budapest (Hungary), while the course 2 in Valencia (Spain). Agriconsulting Europe will be responsible for the organisation of 4 training courses on evaluation and registration of plant protection products (course 1) for a total of 160 participants (40 participants per training session). All training courses will be implemented in Budapest (Hungary). The topics addressed in courses include but are not necessarily limited to: -Administrative procedures involved in compliance checking; -Scientific principles and procedures to be adopted in compliance checking; -Practical examples to try to reduce the backlog of work that exists in new Member States and to improve the work sharing between all Member States with regard to the increased work load after the decisions taken in the last years; -Evaluation of the risk envelope approach to verify its possible consistent and efficient applicability; -Procedures for a zonal system; -Data protection; -Re-registration of plant protection products (Annex III dossier); -Classification and labelling of plant protection products; -Use of guidance documents. The training will respect a balanced of theoretical and practical sessions with a strong emphasis on the practical exercises. Discussion sessions are also foreseen in order to promote the exchange of views and to get feedback from participants.

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