The project aimed at organising training workshops on Audit systems and internal auditing mainly addressed for participants to Member States or involved in National Audit Systems, in order to disseminate best practices for auditing procedures, improving knowledge of this complex area of work and ensuring consistent and high implementation standards across the Union. The main legislations address in the workshops were regulations 882/2004 with special focus on art 4(6); decision 2006/677/EC and the main standards addressed were ISO 17020, ISO 19011:2002. 32 workshops were organized by the Consortium in the following locations in Europe: Spain, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Slovakia and Ireland. AETS was in charge of organisation of 6 training courses in France, Ireland and Slovakia on “Implement Audit System” and on “Conduct an Audit”. The workshops had a duration of 4 days and included lectures, group discussions and practical exercises. The project provided training to participants from competent authorities of EU Member States and candidate countries. AETS trained 174 participants in English and contributed to achieve the general objective of the Consortium to train 943 participants. This specific training contributed to achieve the main objectives of the BTSF initiative: ensure a harmonisation of control procedures, To improve and harmonise official controls and to ensure safety of food import

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