The Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF) programme is DG SANTE capacity building programme aimed at facilitating a harmonised understanding amongst EU Member States and third countries exporting to the EU of the EU’s legislation for food safety, plant health, animal health and animal welfare. This programme initiated in December 2005 has been financed by an annual budget of €15 million and reaches thousands of officers annually. AETS has been one of the lead partners of DG SANTE for the implementation of this programme since its initiation. It has organised the first training event in April 2006 and has been serving DG in the implementation of this programme worldwide from the start. The project aimed at improving the official controls carried out by the competent authorities of EU Member States and Candidate Countries in the specific field of movements of dogs and cats. In particular it aimed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the EU legislation and regulations on the Controls of import, trade and non-commercial movements of dogs and cats among Competent Authorities' staff (veterinary services for the commercial movements and customs’ officials for the checks on non-commercial movements). The activities included capacity building and the sharing of good practices on the implementation of Regulation EU 576/2013 on the non-commercial movements of pet animals; Regulation 998/2003 on animal health requirements applicable to the non-commercial movement of pet animals; Directive 92/65/EEC on animal health requirements governing the trade-in and import of animals, semen, ova, embryos; Directive 91/496/EEC on the organisation of veterinary checks on animals at Border Inspection Posts and Regulation EC 1/2005 on animal welfare during transport. 8 training sessions on official controls of movements of dogs and cats were organised in different EU Member States. A total of 240 officials from EU Member States, Candidate Countries and selected non-EU countries were trained with an average of 30 participants attending per session.

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