Tajikistan is one of the poorest in Central Asia and has the lowest per capita GDP. During the 2014-2020 period, a total of EU development aid of EUR 251.00M is foreseen for Tajikistan under bilateral cooperation from which a total of EUR 57.2M, has been allocated to the health sector. In Health, the HDSP I supported the Government efforts in increasing utilization of quality Primary Health Care services delivered to the population, and laid the foundation for introduction of new financing mechanisms aiming at rationalize the health system delivery and to improve equity of health financing across geographical areas and population of Tajikistan. The HDSP II (for a total amount allocated of EUR 30.54 million) has as objective to sustain poverty alleviation and inclusive growth in Tajikistan through the provision of support for the development of national health care and social protection systems geared towards equity, efficiency and improved quality, in line with the country's sector strategies. The main objectives of this evaluation are to provide the EU Delegation to Tajikistan with: • An overall independent assessment of the performance, impact and outcome of the Human Development Support Programme (HDSP) II, paying particular attention to its intermediate results measured against its objectives and the effectiveness and impact of the budget support, technical assistance and grants components of the programme; • Key lessons and recommendations specifically relating to the health sector with a specific focus on the added value of EU for future action in the sector and to inform the development of the new Health Development Programme (HDP).

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