AETS was carrying out a 211 man-days consultancy project in the Sanitary and Phytosanitary sectors for the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, financed by the European Commission as part of the project "Making a success of advanced status". The Kingdom of Morocco has embarked on legislative and regulatory approximation to the EU acquis in the field of political, economic, social and human affairs. The regulations concerning food safety and the protection of animal health and plant health are among the priority areas covered by the EU-Morocco Action Plan 2013-2017. The National Health Security Office of foodstuffs (ONSSA) has benefited from the EU assistance as a result of the programme assessing the gap between the Moroccan law and European regulations in the SPS area. This project requiered consideration not only of the Moroccan policy in the sector, but also the previous activities, ongoing and planned in Morocco within the framework of cooperation with the European Union, to produce recommendations for improvement. The AETS team consisted of 3 experts with extensive experience of similar activities within the sector. To avoid dividing the three components (Food Safety, Animal Health and Plant Protection, the three experts’ missions and workshops were joint activities. The objective to deliver a study of the legal gap, and propose upgrades to the legal Framework was reached. The project has been leaded in conjunction with ONSSA legal experts. The activities undertaken by AETS enable the Kingdom of Morocco to meet its commitments under the "Making a success of advanced status" project, while contributing to the safety of Moroccan consumers and development of Moroccan agriculture.

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