The final evaluation of PAN-SPSO Consolidation phase was commissioned as part of the project’s Financing Agreement primarily to evaluate the implementation process and achievements of PAN-SPSO project from inception to the end. The final evaluation aimed at documenting lessons learnt and project implementation and also at giving recommendations for mechanisms to consolidate achievements and sustain impacts by African countries. The consultancy provided outputs on the following evaluation criteria: 1: Relevance of the project: The main focus was on the appropriateness of the project’s concept and design to the overall vision of African nations. In particular, the extent to which the stated objectives correctly address the problems, the vision and real needs of the target RECS and countries. 2: Efficiency and effectiveness: it evaluated the efficiency and effectiveness of PAN-SPSO Project, activities and partnerships. 3: Impact, sustainability and Replicability: it assessed the impact and sustainability of the project in terms of institutional impact within AU-IBAR, RECs, and in terms of development impact for beneficiaries’ countries. It evaluated the continuity (after the project) of the positive effects generated by PANSPSO. It assessed also the mechanisms put in place to consolidate the main achievements, their consolidation and their replicability.

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