In the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), the EU and Israel concluded an Association Agreement (AA) to develop closer relations in the context of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, which includes Veterinary Services. This AETS contract aimed at supporting the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the European Commission in the preparation of an institutional Twinning project within the framework of the EU-Israel Action Plan. The overall objective of this project was to strengthen the capacities and expertise of the Kimron Veterinary Institute laboratories which is a diagnostic and research arm of the Israeli Veterinary Competent Authority. The institutional support implemented by the AETS consortium led to a rapid and effective surveillance and control of animal diseases as well as provision of reliable evidence to certify animals and animal products as safe for human consumption, in line with EU and OIE standards. This was achieved this by drafting a clear and concise Twinning Fiche necessary for launching an institutional Twinning.

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