The objective of this programme was to inform regulatory and control authorities about the new approach enacted for the evaluation, authorisation and control of food additives, flavourings and enzymes. Therefore ensuring a common understanding of the new regulation on food improvement agents and introducing the major changes such as the new categorisation system, the monitoring of the consumption and use of food additives, flavouring and enzymes, the labelling controls, etc. In 2014-2015, twelve four days training sessions were organised in Ireland, Spain, Greece and Latvia on the LEGISLATION, EVALUATION, AUTHORISATION AND CONTROL OF FOOD ADDITIVES, FLAVOURINGS AND ENZYMES. This course included new features on food flavourings and enzymes and new practical exercises and case studies on food additives. This training was a must for anyone wishing to improve or better understand the challenges of the new European Regulations in the fields, but mostly it was a unique place to discuss the questions you wonder and best practices to implement.

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