The main objective of the programme “Better Training for Safer Food” is to ensure that officials involved in food controls, both in EU and in countries trading with the EU, are properly informed and trained to verify compliance with EU food safety requirements. It is also aimed at ensuring that the operators of the food production sector improve their level of compliance with international and EU food safety standards, so as to enhance consumer protection in the EU, as well as in the exporting countries. The legal basis on which the initiative is based is the Reg. (EC) N° 882/2004 and, as far as Lot 2 of the present tender is concerned, Reg. (EC) N° 669/2009 that is specifically dedicated to food and feed of non-animal origin. In addition to the EC law, this legislation refers, at international level, to the SPS requirements established and enforced by the international organisations (WTO, FAO, OIE, IPPC). As far as feed and food of non-animal origin is concerned, the matter is relatively “young”: the Commission has been dedicating to it equal attention that to the other products since few years. The Border Inspection Points (BIPs) are primarilytargeted for thetraining and, for this reason, staff of the most recent Member States, of Candidate Countries and of EEA will be particularly involved. In several of these countries (e.g. Bulgaria, Romania) important BIPs are still under construction.

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