Beginning in 1994, twenty-two PSAs (Production Sharing Agreement) were signed and ratified by the Azeri parliament, although three have since been dissolved or terminated. Most pertain to offshore development; some involve enhancement of existing on-shore production fields as well as additional exploration. In the frame of this agreement, several projects came up to provide assistance to Azneftekhimmash to sustain its activity and implement sound, efficient and rational modes of production. An extension of the TACIS project EAZ 9801 (that is to make available technologies of contaminated ground cleaning 1999-2001), identified and proposed a schedule of certification for Azneftekhimmash Subsidiaries with an overall certification period of six years. With this purpose, AETS has been contracted to implement ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and API standards’ requirements within Azneftekhimmash plants and provide training on issues that are relevant within the framework of acquisition certification, such as Group and Subsidiaries Reorganisation, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Coordination (coordination activities) and management.

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