The main objective of the 3rd European Forum on Rural Development will be to exchange and analyse policies, insights and best practices aiming at answering the following question: What kind of rural development should we promote to tackle food insecurity and hunger?   This general objective can be broken down into three more specific objectives:To promote exchanges between policy and practitioners, linking rural development policies and their implementation, and informing the wider policy debate with practical experiences and empirical evidenceTo share experiences on key issues (e.g. agro-ecological approaches, land policies, territorial development, gender) where rural development has achieved results in fighting against rural poverty and hungerTo build networks of rural development practitioners, bridge stances of stakeholders in rural development / food security and thereby facilitate development effectiveness. The Forum will be held from 28th March 2011 to 1st April 2011 and the number of participants should be around 400-450 from all over the world. 

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