The experts provided technical, economic, legal and financial expertise during the appraisal phase of "Samsun Logistics Centre", a Major Project application under the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme (operational programme under IPA Component III - Regional Development). Overall purpose of Samsun Logistics Centre project (one of Package 4 projects) is to establish a logistics centre that provides physical premises to the SMEs and/or logistic companies so that they can manage their logistics activities (e.g. temporarily storing, packaging, labelling, resizing, distribution and customs activities, etc.) from this centre. Samsun Logistic Centre (located in the Black Sea Region of Turkey) integrates all transport modes. Indicative budget of the project is 40-45 million €. The experts reviewed and verified in particular following documents/elements: - Legal & technical requirements and feasibility studies, - Financial Analysis, cost - benefit analysis and sustainability plans - Market researches & list of equipment to be procured - Major project application form The team of expert produced and delivered the Appraisal Report on the initial submission, consisiting in Executive Summary, Technical feasibility and requirements, Legal feasibility and issues, Financial analyses, Cost-benefit analysis, Sustainability plans, Lists and descriptions of the equipment to be procured under the project, Major application form (and annexes) and Conclusions. As the conclusion of the first appraisal report were unfavourable, a revised submission was necessary, resulting in the delivery of an Appraisal Report on the revised submissions. AETS provided 2 experts (Evaluation expert and Financial expert) out of a team of 3.

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