The present Call for Proposals is part of the IPA 2 Civil Society Facility & Media Freedom Action 2014 - 2015 for the country, which was adopted in December 2014. The overall aim of this Programme is strengthening participatory democracies and the EU integration process in the Western Balkans and Turkey by improving the legal, policy and financial environment for civil society and pluralistic media, by building the capacities of CSOs and media organizations as well as enhancing the mechanisms of cooperation between CSOs and public authorities. The specific objective of this Call is to enhance the impact of civil society organizations and to improve media integrity through their involvement in public policies. This includes further development and upgrading of civil dialogue, stronger and active contribution in policy and watchdog initiatives, policy monitoring, and investigative journalism, improvement of intercommunity relations and increased participatory democracy. The action also aims towards developing a strong regional partnership dialogue among civil society organizations from the IPA region, their EU counterparts and the public authorities.

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