The Department of EU Investments (DoEUI), within the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, was the operating structure responsible for the successful implementation of the Environment Operational Programme (EOP) and Sector Operational Programme (SOP) for Turkey. It was composed of eight units: Programming, Project Preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Financial Management, Procurement, Quality Assurance and Control, Technical Implementation and Administrative Affairs, with a total of approximatively 70 staff. As stated in the Country Strategy Paper (CSP), the EU assistance has provided help to align Turkish legislation with the EU acquis and contributed to necessary investments in this sector. In the environment sector, in order to accelerate the adaptation process to the new IPA system and to fully use the EU financial assistance, there was a need to improve the capacity of the operating structure (DoEUI), main beneficiaries (en-recipients) for the preparation of next operational programmes and for project generation in the fields of environment. Two personnel recruitment methods were implemented in the DoEUI, civil servants and contracted personnel by the Multiannual Plan for Direct Financing of Expenditure for Enhancing the Implementation of EOP and SOP (MAEIP). In the framework of MAEIP, expert assistance was provided in the fields of PRAG, FIDIC, legal and technical subjects. The ability to use the EU financial assistance in the environment sector and to increase the absorption capacity by all related parties highly depended on the improvement of their necessary institutional, technical and administrative capacity. In this framework, strengthening the institutional capacity of DoEUI for programming, tendering, contracting, implementation, financial management, quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation along with relevant and up-dated training activities was one of the most important targets. Most of the staff of the DoEUI was well equipped with the relevant requirements to operate their tasks and well trained in the last TA project, however, they still needed, instead of theoretical knowledge and basic training, advanced training as well as working on theoretical knowledge and sample cases and gaining first-hand experience on the following modules: •Module 1: Training on horizontal areas •Module 2 Programming training •Module 3: Training on tendering and Contracting •Module 4: Training on Implementation, Financial Management and Quality Assurance •Module 5: Training on Monitoring and Evaluation. The specific objective of this contract was to provide technical assistance in terms of advanced level training activities to the Department of EU Investments (DoEUI) staff for more efficient and successful management of EU funds on the 5 training modules listed above.

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