Kenya Vision 2030 is the country's policy blueprint. It was launched in late 2007 and is implemented by a system of five-year rolling plans known as Medium Term Plans (MTPs). The first of these was produced for the period 2008-2012 and has been updated in November 2011. The second Medium Term Plan for the period 2013-2017 is currently under preparation to be finalised by mid-2013. The previous Medium Term Plan (MTP 1 – 2008-2012) did not include a specific chapter on aid effectiveness, owing to the stand-alone Kenya Joint Assistance Strategy. Endorsed by 9 EU Member States plus the European Union, this Strategy made a set of recommendations for the alignment and harmonisation of donor practices, setting in its Results Assessment Framework targets in particular for increased coordination in capacity development and missions or for on-budget reporting. Nevertheless, the initial commitment on improved division of labour has not materialised so far. Development Partners and the Government of Kenya have not managed to move away from a static mapping of the state of play to a dynamic process of reallocating development partner interventions in accordance with the priorities of the government. Against this backdrop, the participating EU+MS manifested their strong interest in defining and taking concrete steps now on joint programming in Kenya. That is why the EU Delegation in Kenya decided to use the skills of AETS’ experts in order to maximise EU+MS contribution to the implementation of Kenya's Medium Term Plan 2 (MTP 2). The specific objective of this assignment is to devise a feasible roadmap and guide the first steps towards joint programming of EU+MS in the context of the preparation and early implementation of MTP 2.

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