A parallel system of education has been operating in Kosovo since 1991 which has significantly and negatively impacted upon the quality of education. Prior to the 1999 conflict, the Kosovo Albanian population ran their own schools in parallel to the Serbian school system. Since the 1999 conflict, the roles have shifted and today the Serbian education and schooling system runs parallel to that of the Kosovo education system. Given the existing challenges linked to the Status of Kosovo, the Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo (particularly in the North of the country) have not fully or adequately participated in EU programmes or Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) projects in support of the education sector in Kosovo. In this regard, the overall objective of the AETS' assignment was to: • Provide up-to–date information about the technical assistance (TA), supply and infrastructural needs of the education community in Serbian Municipalities in order to strengthen and improve the quality of education there. The specific objectives were to: • Assess the TA, capacity building and training needs of the pre-university education system of Serbian municipalities; • Prepare a detailed feasibility study of the existing project proposal of the University in north Mitrovica to request EU financial support for the construction of a new university building.

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