The European Union Delegation (EUD) approach to Local Development and Local Governance in Pakistan is guided by the 2013 European Commission Communication ‘Empowering Local Authorities in partner countries for enhanced governance and more effective development outcomes’. As such, linking the public sector to area-based development processes at local level has become a key approach of the Delegation. This is achieved by interventions that increase the capacities of Local Authorities, strengthening governance mechanisms and simultaneously empowering citizens. Considerable efforts are made in ensuring that the latter have the ability to demand transparency and accountability (as well as possibilities to participate in bottom-up decision-making) and the former the means and incentives to respond to effective, transparent and accountable governance, an equitable allocation of resources and access to services. The overall objective of this AETS assignment was to: • Provide strategic support to the EUD throughout its portfolio of Local Development and Local Governance work. The specific objective of the assignment was to: • Support the EUD in ensuring a strong evidence base for analysis, design and monitoring of actions and building improved capacities.

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