The call for proposals launched under the thematic programme of cooperation with third countries in the areas of migration and asylum was launched to help third countries better manage migratory flows in all their dimensions. At thematic level, the programme is designed in particular to: • Foster the link between migration and development • Promote well-managed labour migration • Fight irregular immigration and facilitate the readmission of illegal immigrants • Promote migrant's rights • Protect migrants against exploitation and exclusion and support the fight against trafficking if human beings • Promote asylum and international protection of refugees. AETS was selected by the European Commission to provide technical support to its services by assisting in the technical and financial evaluation of more than 400 applications (concept notes and full applications) submitted by NGOS and CSOs from European and Third Countries. Our assistance gave the EC inputs to select the best applications in order to comply with the final objective of the programme. The two teams composed of one Team leader and 4 Assessors each conducted the assessment based on: • The relevance on the action • The financial and operational capacity of the applicants and its partners • The methodology of the action • The sustainability of the action • The budget and efficiency of the action.

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