The foremost political objective of the Western Balkans and Turkey is accession to the European Union. In order to reply to the need of fully committed civil society in the EU integration process, an overall strategy for supporting civil society has been developed in the framework of IPA under the Civil Society Facility (CSF), which consists of three strands: i) Support to civic initiatives and capacity-building thereby enforcing the role of civil society at local, national level. ii) A “people 2 people programme” supporting visits to EU institutions and bodies to exchange experience, know-how and good practice between Beneficiary and EU civil society organisations (CSOs). iii) Partnership Actions carried out between Beneficiary and EU CSOs leading to a transfer of knowledge and creation or strengthening of networks. In this context, the EC has launched a call for proposals under the Financing Decision for the 'Civil Society Facility 2013 and 2016, foresees support to 10-15 long-term strategic partnerships with thematic networks of civil society organisations in the IPA region, and AETS, as Framework contractor, has been retained to ensure adequate conditions to assess the call for proposals by providing the necessary technical assistance to the European Commission in the evaluation process.

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