The overarching framework for EU public diplomacy in Asia is provided for in the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) strategy with Asia and other relevant key EU strategies (e.g. “The EU 2020 Vision”). With years of collaboration and support to Thailand, the EU remains to be further developed in the country in terms of understanding and collaboration among local and regional stakeholders. Especially, relevant regulations for trade collaboration need to be extensively understood (e.g. IUU or food labelling regulation). The EU represents the 4th main destination of Thai products following Japan, leading to an obvious need of updated understanding of regulations, rules and culture for a sustainable collaboration between both actors. This understanding is especially important along the training of Thai students that the EU is better understood through their careers. The objective of this project is to increase understanding of the European Union and to strengthen its reputation and influence by informing and convincing Thai audiences of our mutual interest to engage on policies that are relevant to EU relations with Thailand in particular in trade and investment. The specific objective is to enhance and maintain understanding and impact of the EU as a long-term partner of Thailand in its sustainable development, as an alternative or complement to traditional partners, with particular focus on issues such as rule of law, corporate social responsibility, environmentally sustainable growth, decent work and core labour standards, legal and regulatory transparency, and freedom of public information and media. To attain this objective, the project implements targeted activities in conformity with a detailed work plan recommended and implemented by AETS. It includes public seminar/ workshops/ event organisation (such as events to raise awareness on Environment and Climate Change (100 days to Paris COP 21), on Food Safety Regulations and EU Regulatory Model, on EU Education system and on the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH)).

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