The purpose of the assignment was to provide support in defining the future sectors and intervention frameworks of EU support to Vietnam. This assignment responded to the second phase of the EU programming 2014-2020 and the contractor is therefore asked to take into account the requirements laid out in the EU Multi Annual Indicative Programme in their work, notably in analysis and sector response proposals. Two senior AETS experts examined past, ongoing and planned initiatives by the government, the EU Delegation and other donors in governance/rule of law, energy/reduction of GHG emissions and rural electrification. Based on an analysis of the available documentation and consultations with all relevant stakeholders, the mission proposed a sector intervention framework in the areas of governance and energy/rural electrification. The team paid attention to the actual needs of the country as well as ensuring the maximum level of synergy with ongoing and future EU (EU and Member States) programmes in Vietnam and ensuring complementarity with ongoing and planned development partner activities in Vietnam. Division of Labour considerations (particularly with EU Member States) as well as transaction cost/leverage effects of the proposed approach were also taken into account.

Governance and Human Development

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