Rule of Law is essential for the existence of a modern state and a prerequisite for sound economic development. Therefore the Kyrgyz Government has placed rule of law, including the fight against corruption, at the top of its political, economic and social agenda. The project undertaken by the AETS team aimed at preparing a future support programme to fight corruption and therefore to strengthen the rule of law. Our team conducted a study to analyse the state of play in Central Asia regarding transparency and accountability, including main challenges and opportunities. This included an assessment of national policies and legislation, together with a stakeholder’s analysis. Further to this, AETS consultants carried out an assessment regarding the current situation in Kyrgyz Republic in the field and a review of donors' efforts to fund projects to fight corruption. Based on the above, the team prepared a programming document, including specific objectives, activities and results, including eventual risks. The result was a Back ground Note, and Identification Fiche and an Action Fiche for the future new action.

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