The context of the assignment was to further enhance Iceland's ability to assume the obligations of EU membership by supporting institutional capacity building for acquis transposition and implementation and to reinforce its institutional capacity in its preparations for participation in and implementation of Structural Funds and other EU funds. The global objective of the assignment was the provision of regular and independent monitoring on the implementation of four specifically selected projects out of 2011 and 2012 IPA National Programmes for Iceland. The specific objective of this assignment was to provide an opinion on the following non-exhaustive list of specific points related to IPA projects: • Progress of the projects in terms of activities and disbursements; • Project management and administrative capacity of the grant beneficiaries; • Secondary procurement; • Physical existence of the procured equipment and inventory in the premises of the end beneficiaries; • Review of the project goals, objectives and the level of their achievement by the monitored activities. • Review of achievement of programme objectives.

Governance and Human Development

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